This is a pivotal moment for arts education.

CAE Arts Education Parent Advocacy ToolkitAfter years of budget cuts, and a narrowing of curriculum at public schools across the country, school districts of all sizes are taking bold steps to expand the school day curriculum and once again invest in arts education. From New York City to Portland, Oregon, districts are hiring arts teachers, refurbishing arts learning spaces, and fostering new partnerships between schools and local arts and cultural organizations.

Despite this good news, and decades of research linking student learning in the arts to a wide range of academic and social benefits, the arts still remain marginalized in public schools across the nation and great disparities exist in access to quality arts programming.

If you too believe that arts education is an essential component of a quality education, then this toolkit is for you.

Now, more than ever, the arts need effective advocates in education—and no one can be more effective than parents. When parents come together as a community to mobilize, educate, and inspire, they can move arts instruction to a central position in the school day where it belongs.

As elected officials and education decision-makers reimagine what it means to prepare every child for success in college, career and life, your voice can shape the discussion. This toolkit can help you ensure that your child’s school is part of the growing momentum to provide each and every student with a rich and engaging arts education.

The Arts Education Parent Advocacy Toolkit is made possible in part with generous funding from the Altman Foundation, New York Community Trust, the EHA Foundation, and with the support of numerous individual donors.