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Arts in Schools

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How To Use This Toolkit

How To Use This Toolkit

This toolkit is a how-to guide for parents and caregivers interested in developing the skills they need to be effective advocates for their child’s education.

practicing the clarinetIncluded in the kit are a series of helpful tools that address common challenges schools face in providing arts education and proven ways you can address them at your school.

Read through this guide to gain helpful tips and strategies for expanding arts education at your child’s school, or use and share individual worksheets to address the school’s unique needs.

The toolkit sheds light on what quality arts education looks like, why it matters, and how you can collaborate with school leaders to improve and expand what your child’s school offers. You can get tips on how to engage elected officials and members of the community, as well as other parents, to support your efforts. You will also find helpful hints on raising money to support arts programs, getting the word out on social media, and even encouraging your child’s interest in the arts at home.

Get Started: Building a Great Arts Program is the centerpiece of this toolkit and a great starting point for every arts education advocate—parents, educators, and school leaders alike.

How to use the toolkitUsing and sharing this toolkit with parents, friends, and school leaders will help ensure that the arts are at the core of a quality education. Building
a sustainable arts program requires a team of committed individuals from the whole school community--you can’t do it alone.

Working together with school leaders, elected officials, and other parents, this toolkit will help you set and achieve realistic goals that can improve and expand arts education at your child’s school.

We hope you find this toolkit a valuable resource to help shape your child’s education. And we thank you for all you do in making our schools inspiring and engaging places to grow and learn.