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Arts in Schools

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Why Arts Education Matters

Why Arts Education Matters

Today, arts and creative learning are essential to the future of our students.

Arts help students graduateIn order to succeed in college, career, and life, America’s young people need a complete and balanced education that provides a broad range of skills and knowledge. They need the ability to think creatively, to collaborate, to create, and to solve complex problems—all skill areas that are developed through quality instruction in the arts.

Unfortunately, far too many of our public school students don’t have access to music, dance, theater, and visual arts as part of their school day.

If we are serious about boosting graduation rates, improving struggling schools, and giving our students the best opportunities to succeed and thrive, we need to make sure that every child in every school has equal access to the arts and creative learning.

Students involved in the arts are more successful

Here are some key facts to help you make the case for more arts at your child’s school: